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Enjoy Your Wedding Day In Bali

Most Weddings involve a lot of organisation, especially if you have decided not to use a Wedding Planner. Important details such as contacting the wedding venue manager, making appointments for tasting the food, meeting with your wedding photographer and tailoring your clothes and dress can be quite a lot to handle, and that’s just to name few of the details that need to be looked after.

Some people can lose their focus by concentrating on the all the small details, which whilst they are important, can have the potential to make your Wedding day more stressful that it needs to be. Not to worry, this post will make sure that you can still enjoy your Wedding Day in Bali.

Here are our tips to make your Wedding in Bali one of the best, stress-free and most memorable days for you and your family.

1. Take the time to step back and enjoy what is happening in the moment as the day will fly by!

2. On the day, make sure you spend some quality time together as a couple, to talk and relax (away from the bridal party and guests).

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3. Leave enough time between the Ceremony and the Reception so you don’t feel rushed. The guests expect to have some down time during this time, where they’ll likely be chatting and taking photos of each other at your wedding, so there’s no need to worry about them.

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4. It’s not the end of the world if everything doesn’t go to plan… Just remember, the most important part of the day is expressing your love for each other. Your guests won’t remember if there was a mistake with the flowers, wedding cake or bombardiers. It’s highly likely they never even noticed!

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5. If it’s in the budget, use a reputable Wedding Planner so they can take away the potential pain of sorting out all the details for your wedding in Bali. Your focus should be a stress-free and joyful time as you enjoy Wedding Day.

6. One of the most important detail is finding the right professional wedding photographer or professional wedding videographer to capture all the special moments of the day, that will be forgotten with time if they’re not captured then and there. Countless brides say this is a worthy investment!

Image of Clifftop Wedding with Ocean View Background- Bride and Groom - Kelli and Karim

Making The Most Of The Services At Your Wedding Venue

Choose a wedding venue that has all the backgrounds that you like i.e. beach, gardens, Balinese statues, rice paddy fields. Price shouldn’t be the focus here, as it doesn’t always mean that an expensive wedding venue will offer the best backgrounds for you.

The more backgrounds that are available in the one or two locations of your wedding, the better your images will be and the more suitable it will be for your wedding photographer in Bali. Also, make sure your wedding venue has a backup plan, in case of a rainy day.

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Now go enjoy your once in a lifetime moment with your loved one!

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