Bali Wedding Venue - Wedding altar

5 Top Essentials for Brides Getting Married in Bali

It’s every Bride’s dream to have a perfect wedding, so when you decide on an overseas Wedding, it can be a bit scary when it comes time to fly to Bali and you are wondering if you have remembered EVERYTHING.

Over the years, I have seen a few things that are forgotten, though they are small, they can make a huge difference to the couple’s day!


Some couples think Bali always has sunshine during the dry season, and why shouldn’t they? Bali can have perfect weather for getting married, however, mother nature can be unpredictable. So how can we minimise our plans going astray? I definitely recommend having a backup plan for the Ceremony and Reception in case of rain, so choose your venue wisely. A venue that offers a beautiful alternative covered area, in case of rain, is highly valuable.


Some other, more material things to remember to bring are things like baby wipes, which are great for taking off small stains on the wedding dress or groom’s shirt (like lipstick, small spills, etc.).

Beachfront Wedding - Beachfront Venue with White Wedding Dress
Beachfront Wedding - Beachfront Venue with White Wedding Dress



I also recommend bringing Hollywood Fashion tape (also known as bra tape). This can be especially helpful for strapless or revealing dresses for both the bride and bridesmaids. When a wardrobe malfunction occurs, it can be quite embarrassing for the bride, whilst bending over in front of Dad or Grandma, especially when signing the ceremonial paperwork.

Image of Bride and Bridesmaid looking in the mirror - Beach Wedding with White Strapless White Wedding Dress
Beach Wedding with White Strapless Wedding Dress

Coming to Bali from Australia? You can look at buying your Hollywood Fashion Tape HERE.


Another helpful tip for brides and bridesmaids is to make sure you don’t get suntan lines – especially if you are wearing a strapless dress. That means not getting burnt before the Wedding day as it can ruin your images if there are defined tan or burn lines that can spoil the effect of an expensive, beautiful dress.

Beachfront Wedding - Bride and Bridesmaid preparing the wedding dress - getting married bali

Hopefully with these tips, you’ll be one step closer to planning a successful day!



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